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The Government Police, aka G-Police, is a multinational police force formed in the aftermath of a war between the 4 major Corporations. Their purpose is to maintain order within colonies, especially Callisto, after the onslaught between the Corporations.

History Edit

Maintained by Commander Horton with Deiggo as the Chief Superintendent, the purpose of the force was to stabilise and keep the peace between the major Corporations whose had been involved in a tragic war within their territories.

Due to the origins being a crowdfunded project, the G-Police composed almost entirely of volunteers from different backgrounds. Their equipment also composes of outdated hardware, most notably the Havoc Gunship, which Slater describes them as 'being well past their prime time.'.

However they are authorised to use military equipment in the case of rogue operations by the peers.

Storyline Edit

Slater enlists in the force, eager to know the fate of his sister. He had already heard of them, describing them as: When they first hit the colonies, they operated like any other Earth based force and were Slaughtered by the truckload.

He was first relunctant to join the force but the situation with his sister, an already decorated member within their ranks, forced him too so he could uncover the mystery behind her death.

Combat Edit

While not as well-equipped as the large Corporations that oversee the colonies, the G-Police are authorised to stage their own military-esque strikes against the enemy, should the situation request it.

True to any other police force, all volunteers and pilots are strictly advised not to involve civilian casaulties and to prevent collateral damage as best to their ability, even if the enemy is directly assaulting innocents.

Fleet Edit

  • Havoc Gunship - Their main response unit, Slater always pilots a Havoc for the mass majority through the game. It is also employed by friendly pilots and especially Wingmen.
  • Venom Gunship - The spiritual successor to the aged Havoc. The Venom is an upgraded variant of their VTOL Air Assault platform, sporting superior armor and weaponry. It becomes Slater's vehicle during the final stage of the campaign.
  • Hatana Bomber - A fixed winged bomber sporting a 30mm cannon and bomblets. Slater is usually tasked with their escort on their bombing runs.
  • Transport Chopper - A twin bladed armored helicopter. Armed with multiple machine guns to defend themselves. Slow and weak, they must be protected in escort missions.
  • Patrol Car - A majority of civilian escorts and arrest teams compose mainly of squad cars. They'd often require assistance from Slater as they lack any weapons on their own.
  • Riot Van - These tough armored cars feature better armor and sport a light machine gun to defend themselves. However they are not as well protected against aerial assault, as such they too must be protected. Riot Vans are usually employed in raids where resistance is expected.
  • APC - Tough armored carriers that carry heavy weapons to provide covering fire for advancing troops. However they do help in AA defense.
  • Rocket APC - A variation of the G-Police APC units. The same in protection but carry rocket launchers to defend themselves.

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