Havoc Gunship

The Havoc Gunship is a VTOL aircraft that serves as the prominent ship within the G-Police Arsenal. Almost all missions will involve the Havoc with the exception of some.

History Edit

The Havoc Gunship's history stretches as far as the War between the Corporations. Serving as a multipurpose assault platform. However their service became obselete as corporations soughted new ways to counteract them.

However it was soon to be revived as G-Police's main air assault unit mainly due to their low maintenance costs and their modular weapon systems. Their large supply must explain the large request for volunteers and little entry restriction, Slater describing as:

"If you're up for it, you're in."

Outdated, the ships show their reliability, even against newer fixed wing fighters employed by their enemies, mainly from the various weapons they could be equipped with.

Combat Edit

The Havoc's remains in service is due to its venerability and regenerating shields. Its relatively light airframe would allow it with an extreme manuverability and speed.

Depending on a situation, the Havocs are equippable with various equipment and weaponry.

  • 30mm Cannon - A forward-mounted machine gun. It can overheat from excessive use but good against lightly armored foes.
  • Matra Rockets - A 5 volley of unguided rockets, they work better against stationary targets and massed ground units.
  • IR Missiles - Heatseekers that track the currently locked-on target. They have a wide berth but deal medium damage.
  • Firestreak Missiles - A faster, stronger homing missile that deals less damage.
  • Starsteak - Eight missiles deploy into view and instantly strike any locked on target nearby. Does not track G-Police units.
  • Hyper Velocity Missiles - Armor Piercing Missiles that deal heavy damage to armored targets. Much to their name sake, they travel near instantaeously.
  • Bomblets - Small weak bombs that can be used to saturate an area with explosives.
  • 500kg bombs - Medium yield bombs.
  • 1000kg bombs - Ultra heavy bombs. Their explosive firepower emits a shockwave that ruptures anything caught within. Their size also makes a distinguishable whistle during descent.
  • EPP - An EMP-type weapon that immobilises highly manuverable targets. Mostly employed in missions where targets must be neutralised.
  • Beacon - Seldom used but deployed to mark locations for ground units to investigate.

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