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Timeline of EventsEdit

===‘2057 - Earth's resources are completely depleted. A race to claim      every ore-bearing rock in the solar system begins.’=== ===    

‘2079 - Tension grows as opposing nations compete for ever-      declining resources and expand their military capabilities in      space.’=== ===   

"2085 - EuroFed deep space survey ship Argo is impounded by SDR-AF      coalition forces. Three ships are destroyed in the ensuing police      action. Negotiations fail and war breaks out.’=== ===    

‘2086 - The war escalates and military resources on all sides are      rapidly depleted.’=== ===    

‘2087 - The final fleet action takes place at Nereus Harbor,      orbiting Neptune. Within days the battle is finished. Damaged and      badly irradiated, the flagship Damocles is the only cruiser to      survive the conflict. The war is over. Powerful multi-national      corporations unite to take control and restore order to the tatters      of society. With little remaining military or financial resources,      Earth's governments are stripped of their powers and are forced to      demilitarize. The construction of capital-class armed spacecraft is      outlawed.’=== ===    

‘2089 - The corporations continue the exploitation of space, making      vast profits to further strengthen their position. Earth's      coalition government is allowed to create a multi-national force to      keep order in the colonies. The Government Police are born.’===

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