The Krakov Corporation is one of the major corporations that crowd funded the G-Police. They specialise in military grade weaponry and drones.

History Edit

Krakov Industries has been around since the time of the War; Providing Weapons and Munitions to different organizations.

It's massive profits came from Its exports and having a major claim to the space exploration operations it conducted to further strengthen it's position after the war, made Krakov one of the most powerful corporations on Callisto.

Leadership: Edit

Argenta Natalie

Age 26

Only Daughter of Former Krakov Industries President Rogan Argenta-Desceased (2018-2095)

Combat Edit

Krakov's fleet almost entirely composes of automated units, including turrets and flying droids

Due to how they have stored large stockpiles of weapons left over from the war, Krakov has decided to put it's large stores of weapons to use within the ranks of its Private Security Forces and even in the gun trade to gangs, which led to their investigation.

  • Vampire Fighter

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