The Nanosoft Corportation is the other major corporation during the game, their main rival being Krakov. They later become the antagonists in the second half of the first game.

Most of their attacks involve electronic hardware and highly advanced weaponry.

History Edit

Like their rivals, Nanosoft also had a vast amount of resources and equipment to leverage their own war-effort against rival companies.

When they have settled on the new colonies, they would stock up their discarded hardware for their own operations when it comes to settling disputes with their rivals.

Role in Plot Edit

In a bid to cover up their ultimate plan, they staged covert attacks on their rivals. Even going to releasing viruses against the G-Police to keep them occupied with Krakov so they could sneak their hardware discreetly.

However Krakov noticed Nanosoft's plots and tried to attack. Oppressed by G-Police, their HQ was destroyed and Nanosoft launched an attack on G-Police themselves, which then dragged their attention.

Slater however was able to help them uncover their true motive which eventually led to the company's downfall.

Fleet Edit

Composing of electronics and advanced aviation. Most of their vehicles are armed with lasers and bombs.

  • Cougar Fighter - Basic scout unit. They're generally deployed en-masse.
  • Lynx Fighter -
  • Panther Bomber - Strike bomber. Armed with a single turret and bomblets.
  • Puma Bomber -
  • Leopard Fighter - A dedicated strike aircraft. Armed with lasers and blasters. They inflict serious damage if focused on the same target.
  • Tiger Fighter - Tough, heavy fighter armed with lasers. Also mounts a turret to defend against attackers to its rear, namely, you.
  • Titan Gunboat - A floating fortress. equipped with lasers and blasters.
  • Freighter - Tough and slow, they have a usually weak gun but are used to carry heavy equipment.
  • APCs - Most of their ground forces compose entirely of armored personel carriers. Armed with either chainguns or rockets.
  • Turrets - Stationary emplacements used to lock down areas of strategic value. Comes equipped with machine guns, lasers or rockets.
  • Siege Gun - Heavily-armoured, self-propelled demolition guns firing explosive shells at stationary targets like buildings. No threat to the pilot but can cause mission failure if they destroy critical objectives you are assigned to defend.
  • N-Tek Droid - A flight-capable robot combat platform, armed with lasers.